Cadestin Family History with Champagne Esterlin

The Esterlin story begins with the Cadestin Family. In the late 1800s, we arrived in Champagne from the south of France, bought a small plot of land and set up a small patrimony in Mancy, a village on the southern slopes of Épernay.

At this time, small growers like the Cadestin’s were mostly dependent on the larger champagne houses. So in 1948, just after the Second World War, our grandfather, Jean Cadestin and two friends set up a press-centre for small growers. It was a place where local farmers could gather their grapes and use a central infrastructure. You could call it the purest form of ‘champagne socialism’!

Mid last century there was just Jean Cadestin, his partners and a couple of workers. It was only in 1956 that they extended the building and decided to make their own champagne.

Great Uncle Marcel Epernay field Esterlin
Great Uncle Marcel in the field
Victorine and Pierre Cadestin in Epernay
Our Great Grandparents Victorine & Pierre Cadestin

We bought all the materials required to make a champagne house and recruited an accountant, a Chef de Cave, and a couple of workers.

At the time, we called the Champagne, “La goutte d’or de St Hubert” (Goutte d’Or means Drop of Gold). It was a mouthful and the name didn’t stick. So it was changed it to Esterlin in 1985. Jean Cadestin was working on the new branding when he died in 1983.

In the meantime, we continued to sell Champagne through a network of agents to restaurants, hotels and bars all around France, the United States and even as far as South America.

Historic Mancy, Epernay

What was begun by Jean Cadestin and his business partners continues today. We produce 3 brands: Esterlin, d’Alencourt and Victor Lejeune. Under the brand Esterlin, we produce around 400,000 bottles are year and really focus on the quality of our products.

The House of Esterlin continues to respect the fundamentals of Champagne-making whilst refining our products from one year to the next, producing a delicious good-mood champagne that drinks like a dream.

The new generation of Cadestin’s – Alice and Etienne – have had small hand in helping to modernise the brand whilst retaining our integrity and reputation for good Champagne.

We are creating some fun brand collaborations and partnerships and are excited about getting the vineyards environmentally certified in 2016.

Cadestin Family in Epernay Field Esterlin
Etienne's Father Jose Cadestin & Grandfather Jean Cadestin