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House of Champagne Esterlin - Épernay

Founded in 1948, the Champagne Esterlin is a group of producers in the region of Épernay. Épernay is the self-proclaimed ‘capitale du Champagne’ and the Esterlin grapes are grown in Mancy, about 7 miles south of Epernay. Esterlin has 190 associates for an active production area of 113 hectares (a significant proportion of which is planted with Chardonnay grapes, a variety featured in all the Esterlin cuvées).

The Esterlin office is located on the prestigious Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. The cooperative also owns and operates a 7.5-hectare vineyard, 3 pressing centres and high quality winemaking and storage premises

Esterlin continues to perpetuate the values on which the company was founded: a spirit of solidarity and long-term commitment to the vineyards and their associates and workforce.

As Esterlin continues to refine our Champagne and innovate, we always strive to adhere to the age-old rules of the craft, to the know-how, to the culture and to the experts who make Champagne a wine with no equal.

Suffice to say, drinking Esterlin Champagne continues to be, after all these years, pure pleasure.

"Esterlin is a delicious good-mood champagne that drinks like a dream. It’s fresh and sophisticated but certainly not flash. At Esterlin we respect the fundamentals whilst refining our products from one year to the next"

Etienne Cadestin Esterlin Champagne
Etienne Cadestin